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I Will Be My Brother's Keeper, I will Learn,  The Healer's Art.

With the combined power of 7 herbs specific to tissue regeneration, Re-gen works quickly to heal and rejuvenate skin, bone and muscle tissue.​ Using Coconut Oil, we make a tincture with the herbs and then combine the tincture with Aloe Butter & Beeswax to make a smooth almost odorless cream.


Our formula is totally free of chemicals and synthetic products that take away from the healing power of other products.


 Also, it is less likely to sting or burn when applied since it is purely botanical. Because of this, we suggest applying Re-gen as soon as possible after injuries. The faster and more you use it the faster and better it works.


​Be sure to follow proper wound care protocol. The leading cause of infection in wounds is poor cleansing.


​With Re-gen dressing wounds is less painful and easier. Coconut Oil is one of the most powerful healing oils in the world. It is also one of the most trans-dermal oils in the world. That means it quickly absorbs into our tissue and blood stream. With Re-gen, not only is Coconut Oil our base, but it carries with it the super-charged healing power of our herbal formula direct to the blood stream for maximum healing potential.